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Have you ever felt like you tasted a piece of heaven? Or felt like you have tasted a small piece of a cloud? Ghazal Beirut is equivalent to indulging in a divine food journey.

What's incredible about the Ghazal Beirut at ILA?

It is a wondrous sweet dish from the Arab heritage, distinctive and light, which is presented in a modern way to suit all tastes exclusively at ILA Restaurant and Cafe.

While completely honoring the routes of this dish, which is a magical blend of Mastic Ice-Cream, the ever famous Arabic cotton candy, sprinkled with the goodness of pistachio, Ghazal Beirut, takes you on a magical trip indulging all your senses.

Chef's Remarks

“With our secret experiments on the dish without hindering the flavors, while only adding to its goodness, we offer this truly unique, exceptional piece of dessert to our customers”

“We can assure you we create exceptional Ghazal Beirut and one of our secret ingredients is definitely lots of love and also good quality ingredients to serve our guests”

Customer's Verdict

“When I first saw Ghazal Beirut, I thought I wouldn’t be able to have much, as I don’t prefer sweets. But a spoonful of this dish simply left me wanting more and I just couldn’t help but devour it” Disha, our lovely customer exclaimed after experiencing the true magic of the dish.

Honoring the roots while serving exquisite goodness to our guests is our Number 1 priority. That being said, When you crave for some delicious dessert, always remember Ghazal Beirut and ILA for serving the best of its version!

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