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A classic comfort food, This Mediterranean delight is a hearty combination of eggplant casserole coupled with some delicious Vegan chicken or meat for an enhanced zest for deliciousness.

Don't ask us how we know this, but if you enjoy classic Arabic food, you would enjoy this delicious delight. Combined with Kuboos or Rice, Moussaka plays an ideal candidate for your lunch plans.

What's incredible about the Mousakka with Just Vegan Chik’n or Meat at ILA?

This wondrous Egyptian Arabic dish is a masterpiece by itself. Layered with the goodness of mixed vegetables, fried eggplants, coloured peppers, and potatoes, drizzled with tomato relish, and topped with the hearty plant-based meat, this is nothing but pure Vegan bliss that can be exclusively enjoyed at ILA Restaurant and Cafe.

We assure you that this dish could be enjoyed by everyone and is believed to set you off on a magical trip indulging all your senses.

Chef's Remarks

“As we all know the original dish is rich in meat, but here at ILA we believe in making this exquisite dish accessible to all so that everyone could enjoy its unique and rich flavours. This is ensured by adding our plant based meat.This way we make sure that this delicious casserole is for all"

Customer's Verdict

“Seeing the casserole being served with some steaming Rice and Kuboos is a visual treat, the layers of the Moussaka adds such rich flavour and it tastes so delicious! I could have this all day!"

Culture, flavours, and modern ideas are how refined ILA thinks in serving our guests. Stay tuned for more yummy dishes coming your way!

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