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Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Falafel isn't just food, it's an emotion! It is the ultimate food experience for the foodie in you! Falafels makes life happy and sometimes drives us to look forward to a satisfying meal. Getting back to a hot crispy plate of Falafel after a tiring day! What more could you ask for?

ILA Restaurant and Cafe aims to capture these emotions in every plate of Falafel we serve. I mean, we have all been in a Falafel state of mind at one point in time, right?

This Mediterranean bliss existed in the Middle East for thousands of years. These fried plant-based fritters are served at ILA with some delicious Tahini Sauce that truly makes the combo mouthwateringly desirable!

What's incredible about Falafels at ILA?

This extraordinary Arabic dish we serve at ILA isn't like any other we get in the city. Made with superior ingredients that contribute to the taste, The secret recipe our chef uses to create this magic on the plate makes it the Best Falafels you could ever taste!

Fun fact: Did you know that Falafels are a great source of Vegan Protein?

Chef's Remarks

Falafel as we know is an Arabic dish beloved by many! What makes the ILA ones special is definitely the secret ingredients I add, that does justice to the authentic flavours but enhances it and creates magic! We also use ingredients of superior quality for some outstanding results.

Customer's Verdict

100 points for the presentation! Its super pretty to see and my god it tastes delicious! Wow! Super-like!

Like we always say, When life throws you a rainy day, kick back and have some Falafel!

Until then stay tuned for more yummy dishes coming your way!

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